H is for Happy Endings!

I am so honoured to be working with Scope again throughout October on their #EndTheAwkward – A-Z of Disability campaign! 

When I heard about Scopes new A-Z disability campaign I HAD to be involved… if not for the illustrations alone they’re amazing! FACT: Scopes AWESOME illustrator even studied the back of my chair to ensure that the picture was a true representation. How cool is that!

I was shocked when I heard their statistic that just 1 in 10 young people have been on a date with someone with a disability. But saying that, as a young disabled person (when I was young haha)… I certainly believed it!

I think this campaign is amazing as it aims to air out some dating stories, awkward moments… and HAPPY ENDINGS from other disabled people.

If I had something like this to read/watch when I was younger then maybe I wouldn’t have felt so bad about my dating disasters.

To read more about my dating stories visit Scopes by clicking my letter H

And please watch (and share) our film below..

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