#EndTheAwkward BBC Scope

#EndTheAwkward BBC Three Counties

Last week I received an invite from Scope & BBC Three Counties to talk on their Shrink Wrapped show hosted by Dr Chetna Kang & Sophie Sulehria. 

I was so excited to join Chetna, Sophie and my good friend Sam Renke to talk about the #EndTheAwkward campaign on behalf of Scope.

We were recording on 3rd Sept at 10:30 at BBC Western House London, so I decided to stay over the night prior. This was a good… and a bad idea as whenever I’m in London there is so much temptation to go out and indulge the night before, and I had to be up and ready pretty early.

When there is a little angel on one of my shoulders and a devil on the other, I tend to listen to the latter, so I woke up at 07:00am to a loud alarm and a thumping head, only to hit snooze until 8. I then proceeded to get out of bed realising that i’d forgotten my toothbrush and a hairbrush and that I didn’t have time to shower.. luckily I’d brought a huge can of dry shampoo and a hat so I blasted my hair with the batiste and stuck my trusty hat over my half greasy, half powder grey hair. The lighting in the room was terrible so I decided a simple winged liner and a red lip was the way to go seeing as I couldn’t really steady my hand to do any intricate details… and after dousing myself in Eau D’Chloe I was “ready” and… oh so professional.

I finally arrived at the BBC and realised that the coffee I had downstairs in the hotel was WAY too strong and I had a case of the caffeine shakes… the fact that I was REALLY nervous didn’t help either!

Sam and I sat with our headphones on chatting and waiting for Chetna and Sophie to join us, and when they did it was awesome. Once i’d heard Sam talk about her experiences and once Chetna and Sophie started asking me questions I felt so much better, it actually felt great to air out some of the awkward moments I’ve experienced and also to hear the opinions and perspectives of other people was really interesting too.

Our interview goes LIVE on Sunday at 13:00pm – so PLEASE, PLEASE listen. It will also be on Iplayer as a podcast for a further month.. If you want to listen live here is the link… http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p012dj85

I am in Berlin all of next week and I will be taking some cool shots, investigating lots of restaurants, bars.. and trying cocktails all for the purpose of this blog! I look forward to writing for you all again on my return! Thanks as always for your support.

Kel x


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