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SO! I’ve been “offline” for a while, for a number of reasons.. mainly LIFE based. Life sometimes gets in the way… and there is no better reason than that. Our whole purpose is to, LIFE! So after a morning of drinking coffee mixed with Christmas booze, here is my online review of 2015. 

Whilst we are all busy “life-ing” we often lose sight of the highlights, the significant moments and we rely all too much on our smart phones to hold our memories close.

This is the first blog that I’ve EVER written notes for, but scribbling down all of this years highlights in my highly battered, foundation covered notepad has made me realise… I fucking LOVE life. (and no it’s not just the morning booze talking!).

This year has been SO noteworthy, I’ve finally realised… who I am… What I am capable of and I’ve made some very important commitments and life changes.

SO HERE WE GO… Here is my 2015 (PS, apologies for making my latest blog such a publicly narcissistic feature!)


This year has definitely been a year for once in a lifetime moments for me. We ticked off quite a few of life’s.. “milestones”. I don’t want to bore you all with a load of text, so I guess I’ll add mostly pictures, let’s be honest thats why most of you are here.. to look at the pictures ;)!










OUR FIRST HOUSE! So, 2015 was the year we finally officially hauled our asses out of my parents house and moved into our tiny weeny, one level, open plan, crip-friendly house. We absolutely love it.. and although I do occasionally have a little look at what else is out there (it’s healthy!) I can see us being committed to this place for a very long time.

When we moved in, everything was blank-canvas-y and beige, now every room is a different colour and AWESOME!

TIPS: When moving into a completely empty house, it’s important to prioritise furniture-wise. So we splashed out on a fuck-off-massive Super King bed.. and a big TV with all of the apps. Basically we sleep, eat and watch TV. 

Here are some pictures of our house, pre and post “Decorating”:

IMG_6935 IMG_6933 IMG_6819

IMG_7728 IMG_7724  IMG_7708

wedding 6

THE WEDDING! 2015 was also the year that we got married! Our wedding day was literally… THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE (so far). Now I am married to my soulmate I see that it is entirely possible to have better days, sometimes doing completely nothing. Life throws it’s fair share of curveballs so I am not willing to say that, that day was the best life will EVER get, and that in itself is beyond exciting.

The whole “Wedding” process went on for AGES! and not just because we had a three day London-based wedding extravaganza, but because in the run up to the wedding we had all sorts of awesome wedding based milestones.. Here are a few of my favourites;

IMG_7475 Wedding Tattoos; We got our favourite artist (Ash Davies – Stronghold Tattoo, Cardiff) who we’ve known for quite some time to do our wedding tattoo’s and took our awesome friend (and photographer) Chris Cove (Blue Monday) with us to document the experience! Chris & Ash probably got more than they bargained for as Ash’s new studio is the loft space of an awesome old fashioned building in Cardiff. Needless to say we had some fun getting me up there.. “PIVOT!”. ANYWAY, our wedding tattoo’s say “CONSTANT” in two very different, personal styles. Constant is the way we explain our relationship as no matter what “variables” come our way, we always remain.

IMG_7392Hen Do; I ABSOLUTELY LOVED my Hen Do! It was amazing to have most of the important ladies in my life with me to celebrate! We spent all day making and consuming cocktails at Mal Manchester, had an awesome dinner at Neighbourhood and then did some super embarrassing white girl wasted dance moves at the club. I remember Christina Aguilerias “DIRTY” being the nights anthem. After a few too many gins, we couldn’t get back out of the club due to having to use a service lift… So needless to say we went and found the service lift ourselves, taking a backstage “VIP” tour of the club.. Our feet got really… dirty and we got lost by the bins, ah, Memories.


Kim’s Wedding & Hen; Another BIG highlight of my 2015 was my close friend Kim’s wedding & Hen. We’ve been friends since Secondary School and she got married the week before me! So needless to say we played a big part in each others pre-wedding planning & jitters. She had a beautiful day! And even postponed their honeymoon to be in attendance at our big day.

11039011_754299794683187_1586731093479626964_n The ACTUAL big day; After what felt like forever, planning, budgeting, saving… It finally arrived.. OUR WEDDING DAY! We got married in London taking all of our nearest and dearest from many corners of the world to see us “tie the knot”. We started our Friday night drinking Lychee Martinis on the roof of century club, Soho. (I then went to bed to avoid a wedding day hangover). Our actual ceremony was held at The Asylum (Caroline Gardens Chapel) Peckham and our evening reception was held at Wyld Bar at W Leicester SQ. I am assuming it is the first (and probably last) time that the W have had a group of sweaty beardy guys head banging on their dance floor.

TIPS: EVERYONE says this, but it’s SO TRUE! Take 10 minutes to digest the day with your other half. We literally snuck away to the toilet, locked the door and sat in there talking to each other for half an hour… still one of the most memorable parts of the day! 

Some of my favourite wedding pics;

Screenshot 2016-01-03 16.21.45 Screenshot 2016-01-03 16.21.55 Screenshot 2016-01-03 16.22.31 Screenshot 2016-01-03 16.22.53 Screenshot 2016-01-03 16.23.08 Screenshot 2016-01-03 16.23.39



PLACES WE VISITED! In 2015 we were super lucky to see quite a few AWESOME places! We still have LOADS more to tick off… but we are making some good tracks.

IMG_6794AMSTERDAM; Amsterdam is still one of my FAVOURITE places (we’ve been Three times so far!) and I am considering a trip there again this year, especially now with the opening of W, Dam Square. Amsterdam is one of the most relaxed places, with the coolest brunch spots, bars and coffee shops (not just the kind you are thinking!). When we go to Amsterdam all we do is walk, drink, talk and occasionally visit museum’s/galleries. It’s the most relaxing place you can go, and most of the locals love a lie-in so you don’t really miss out on stuff by being lazy and ordering room service! (bonus)!

IMG_9947BERLIN; WOW, Berlin is COOL! Literally all we did on this holiday was drink… eat.. drink, get tattooed and lie around! In my opinion the best kind of holiday. Other cool things from Berlin were, The Ramones museum and Princess Cheesecake! You can check out my full Berlin review from a previous blog HERE.


Screenshot 2016-01-03 16.40.22MIAMI; Miami was bad ass.. and WARM! I LOVE Sunny holidays and most days it was in excess of 30degrees with 90+% humidity! My perfect climate. In Miami we did so much fun stuff, we went to the NFL, we got tattooed at Miami Ink, We got very drunk… We spent loads of time skating South Beach (Picture, little nerdy wheelchair girl pulling along bearded husband on skateboard)… and tried our damnedest to drink HUGE pitchers of Miami Vice without getting the worst brain freeze known to man!


When I say “professional” I think many would agree that the word professional doesn’t exactly describe me to a T. However! This section is all about what I’ve achieved this year in my field of work(s)…


Kelly-logo-image Kellyperksbevington.com; Of course 2015 marked the launch of KellyPerksBevington.com! And I’d love to thank everyone who takes the time to read my blogs! It’s awesome to be able to write my little virtual diary and it’s even more awesome that people enjoy reading it!

Kelly on set with ScopeSCOPE #EndTheAwkward; One of my favourite parts of 2015 was the #EndTheAwkward campaign and the places it took me! My work with Scope surrounding this campaign helped me face, directly some internal confidence issues and fears and helped me eliminate and make light of some serious awkward moments from my past. From working with Scope I was given various opportunities to express my thoughts & feelings in the mainstream media and had the pleasure of working with huge broadcasters such as Channel Four and the BBC.

Screenshot 2015-10-05 17.50.14SCOPE H Is for Happy Endings; Following our work with Scope we then made this short film in our new house, all about our relationship and our wedding! So many happy memories making this.. Watch HERE.

MeEnhance1Enhance The UK! #UndressingDisability; SO! Thanks to Enhance The UK – I’ve had my lingerie pictures shown at an exhibition at The Gherkin, London and had a chapter about my life featured in a REAL BOOK. Working with Enhance is literally amazing, they give me confidence, they are a fantastic team and they help me air my dirty laundry without feeling slightly embarrassed/awkward.. in fact quite the opposite!! I am now a trustee and I cannot WAIT to help the charity grow and improve the lives of so many more people!

Screenshot 2016-01-03 16.58.43Virgin Media Pioneers; My company G5 Lifestyle was selected to be a Virgin Media – Pioneer Of The Week! It was so exciting to witness the growth of G5 Lifestyle further and it was great to be noticed by such a huge company. I love G5 and I am proud of what has been have achieved with the help of my loyal suppliers & clients. Check out my company site here!


So that pretty much concludes some of my 2015 highlights! Here are a few of my favourite pictures from 2015;

IMG_9248Screenshot 2015-07-21 18.21.32KPBChannel4NewsIMG_9123IMG_9867IMG_9940IMG_9989IMG_9970IMG_054410423748_10153312273840087_3831827053092877656_nIMG_0539MeEnhance3DSC00032DSC00046DSC00107IMG_7477IMG_7077IMG_6830


SO! What are my plans for 2016? You may ask… if in fact you are still reading/looking at this blog after I’ve gone on for SO LONG!..(PS, I’ve been writing for so long.. I now have a sneaky hangover!)

My plans are simple, WING IT! Take EVERY opportunity I get offered, work hard, spend money that I don’t have like it’s going out of fashion… value life experiences and LOVE EVERYONE.

Thanks for reading guys, until the next one.

Kel x

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