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Confident Speaker, Camera Confident, Passionate, Keen Interviewer/Interviewee, Business owner, Writer, Blogger, Presenting/Auto-cue, Varied experience with major media production companies

Kelly is an entrepreneur and business owner keen to increase her profile within mainstream media. She is confident and outgoing and very comfortable on camera. She currently blogs for her own site and has worked with many companies and charities throughout the UK. Kelly is very passionate and is very willing to work closely with clients to ensure that they are happy with the final product that they receive. Over the last year Kelly's media profile has risen considerably and she has been working in line with Channel 4, BBC and large corporations such as Virgin Media in presenting roles. Kelly is keen to increase her profile further as a presenter and build up an even bigger media profile in 2016.

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Credits: Film, TV & Radio

Uber UK
UberWAV UK - Spokesperson

Enhance The Uk
Liability Magazine Shoot - Model
Disability In The Workplace - Presenter
Documentary - Interviewee/Speaking Role

BBC Radio One
BBC Radio One Newsbeat - Interviewee/Case Study

Virgin Media
Virgin Media Goals 2015/16 - Presenter

Channel 4 News
News Report - Interviewee/Case Study

Jubilee Automotive LTD
Radio Advert - Lead Role


Channel 4
The Lie Detective - Contributor

Sienna x
Tan Like a Pro Commercial

Enhance The Uk/Scope
Undressing Disability - Model

Scope A-Z of Disability
H is for Happy Endings "A-Z of Disability" - Case Study/Interviewee

Scope End The Awkward campaign
BBC Radio Three Counties - Spokesperson

End The Awkward Behind the scenes - Interviewee/Speaking Role
End The Awkward Campaign - Actor
Five Awkward Things - Shorts Contributor

CockTales Ep. 222 “Sex on Wheels” ft. Kelly Gordon

Disabled Couple Open Up About Wanting Kids For The First Time | The Lie Detective

Transforming lives 2015 performance update in 60 seconds

Five awkward things disabled people are tired of hearing about their sex lives | End the Awkward

Five awkward things to avoid doing when you meet a disabled person | End the Awkward

People ask if I’ve had a boyfriend – Would you say that to a 30-year-old woman? | Victoria Derbyshire

Kelly Stars In Tan Like a Pro Commercial | Sienna x

Things Not To Say To Someone Who Uses A Wheelchair | BBC 3

Virgin Media’s transforming lives partnership with Scope

Scope X, Kelly Perks-Bevington for International Women’s Day 2019

Scope X Kelly Perks-Bevington for International Women's Day 2019

"In 2019, being a disabled woman to me is just building even more strength than I already had."Scope X Kelly Perks-Bevington for International Women's Day 2019.

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