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Twenty Years of The Disability Discrimination Act.


On Monday November the 9th we were invited to join Scope at Google HQ in London to celebrate and discuss Twenty Years of the DDA.

*Before I continue I must state the opinions in this post are solely mine and not the opinions of Scope or any of the other charities/companies that I work with.

I mean’t to write this blog a lot earlier as following the event my emotions, thoughts and feelings came in abundance (not just because of the free wine!) but this week has been absolutely crazy!

The Disability Discrimination Act is a difficult subject for me as I am well aware it has helped me in so many ways, yet I haven’t been involved with campaigning, establishing or discussing the act previously.

Without the DDA I dread to think what state we would be in, as, as a young person (only slightly!) I have been fortunate enough not to see some of the worst times for disabled people in this country and I am extremely thankful to the people who campaigned hard to get the DDA in place.

On the other hand I am very lucky that I have never seen my disability as an obstacle, or even as a part of me some days. I wake up just like anyone else, I open my eyes, stare at the celling listening to my alarm for a few minutes, try to remember what day it is, and then have an internal debate as to whether I can afford a five minute snooze. The only real difference is that when I “decide” to get up, I have to use my wheelchair to get from my bedroom to the kitchen to make a cup of coffee!

This is kind of the attitude that I adopt every day, until I receive a swift reminder that I am in fact, IN A WHEELCHAIR.. I just kind of.. get on with it. From fighting to get lifts installed to my local high school when I was a kid, to slowly and painstakingly climbing three flights of stairs on a school trip to see what upstairs of our accommodation  “looked like”, to adamantly pushing an empty wheelchair around the SeaLife Centre – I’ve always been a “problem solver” and an aggressive one at that.

Don’t get me wrong I would completely go for more disabled seats on a train/bus, better taxi access, and for the bloody train assistance people to actually get me off the train on time without me being worried that I am going to be transported to outer syberia.. but.. as people.. we all have problems, pet-peeves and just down right annoying moments! We also experience the happiness that comes from being alive. We ALL possess the ability to fight and to succeed no matter what our disability(ies) or impairment(s).

And although I am well aware there are people in far worse situations than myself and that I am lucky to experience the things I do. I haven’t taken anything in my whole life lying down, and I believe we should all fight for what we believe in, for what we want to achieve and for the life we want for ourselves and our families. Because let’s face it.. we only live once (WOLO).

I’d love to hear your opinions about the Disability Discrimination Act and to talk to more people about their everyday lives! Please feel free to contact me on 


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