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Travel: Our recent Berlin Trip!

As promised following my recent trip to Berlin here is a bit of a travel blog, outlining the trip, what we got up to and also it’s just an awesome place for me to store some cool holiday pictures! 

I’ve got to admit that I’ve been keeping this blog on hold for a few days. For a number of reasons, 1. Post holiday blues 2. I’ve been SUPER lazy this week! I think, because we don’t get to spend much time in our house when  I actually do get to spend time at home I automatically revert to 50’s mode and just have an overwhelming urge to do washing and cook casseroles. After regaining my senses with a massive mug of tea and some N.W.A, I am back to my usual self. (Sorry for the delay!)

To say Jaz and I were looking forward to this break was an UNDERSTATEMENT, both of our jobs are pretty demanding and 24/7. We travel to many cities on a weekly basis and often work until the early hours. ( Obviously this can be a good thing too, as we are able to manage our own time and we OCCASIONALLY get to run off to different countries for a few days!

Our flight was 06:30am from East Midlands airport which meant us leaving home at 02:30am! I chose to fly from East Midlands because, as usual I was out for a bargain (I managed to book the whole holiday for both of us for four days in Berlin for £589). We decided as we had to be up so early to leave that we’d both stay up all night. As most of you know, I NEED my sleep.. SO, I was in bed with a cup of tea and watching Iron Man by 22:00. Jaz stayed up all night making art for Berlin, which seems like it was the best idea seeing as he was fresh as a daisy when we had to leave and I felt like i’d been slipped some hallucinogenic drugs.

After getting over my involuntary drug trip, I was pretty excited… until I received my plane ticket and noticed I was on row 32. Now other wheelchair users will know, this isn’t great when you’ve got to use an aisle chair…but to my surprise when we boarded the Ambi-lift we were taken to the planes rear entrance! This was great for two reasons, 1. I didn’t have to have my ass banged off 31 seats whilst using the aisle chair to get to my seat 2. Prime position for the drinks trolley.



(My apologies to the woman who finds herself involuntarily in this shameless airplane selfie.)

Literally very soon after this picture we were in that uncomfortable plane sleeping position that usually involves a fair bit of shivering from their weird air conditioning and a lot of sleep drooling. We slept for the whole flight (We didn’t even get mini plane gin!).

When I woke up on the tarmac at Schonefeld Airport (Berlin) I was then rather speedily bundled into the aisle chair ready to get off the plane. NOW, getting of the plane really is a military operation because as well as the usual shit-ton of hand luggage, we also have the addition of foot plates, a seat cushion and basically any other removable part of a wheelchair that you can possibly take on board. So I didn’t really notice what was going on until I was being CARRIED OFF THE PLANE, by two pretty old guys as well haha. An eventful entrance to a new country!

Following what felt like (compared to the earlier experience) a relatively drama free trip through the airport we were in a taxi on the way to our hotel. (Park Plaza Wallstreet, Berlin). We arrived at the hotel pretty early and our room wasn’t ready. This isn’t what we wanted to hear but was understandable seeing as we were at the hotel by 10:30. We walked over to the bar and ordered an Old Fashioned and a Espresso Martini whilst we were waiting only to discover that the hotel didn’t start serving cocktails until 3pm. On this news, we pretty much ran (well Jaz ran, I was pushed) to the local supermarket NETTO.. I love going to other countries and looking at all the food and drink they sell in their supermarkets (bit of a nerdy passion of mine). Once loaded up with cool Berlin beers… and chocolate. We arrived back at the hotel and we were let into our amazing room. This is what followed..

IMG_0094 IMG_9932 IMG_9937IMG_9930


(Cameo from Netto bag in the left hand corner)

A regular hang out for us in Berlin was The Bird, Xberg (Kreuzberg). It was the best, most chilled out bar/restaurant EVER. They had amazing traditional beers on tap, the rarest best quality cheeseburgers and the coolest staff ever. We spent a lot of time hanging out with the guys there drinking pitchers, jaegermeister and shots of coffee patron. Their DJ was also, AMAZING. I think I told him this six zillion times after I was white girl wasted but seriously, he went from Simon and Garfunkel, to Oasis, to Tupac. It was like he was reading my mind as I was flicking through spotify.

IMG_0087 IMG_9947IMG_9979IMG_9940

(Some shots from The Bird before it got a bit fuzzy)

I decided to take my manual chair on this holiday as after speaking to a few of the places we wanted to go (bars, tattoo shops etc) we found out that most places had one or two small steps as they were oldish buildings. I am SO glad I did, and if you have the option to I would suggest it. I don’t really like being in my manual as I don’t have much freedom as I literally have zero upper body strength haha. BUT for this holiday it was completely worth it, especially on one of the nights that i’d had a few too many… I believe my question was, “Jaz, if I pass out now, can you get us back” I didn’t really wait for the answer.


(Me the day after with the hangover of a lifetime)

Some other cool places we visited were,

IMG_0081 IMG_0077 IMG_0076

IMG_0072 IMG_9970

 The Ramones Museum This was by far the most relaxed I felt all holiday, it costs 5Euros to enter this amazing place which includes a free beer and a badge/lifetime membership to the museum. We spent HOURS in here, watching Ramones documentaries, looking at all of the amazing memorabilia and finding out SO much we didn’t know about The Ramones. There is so much in here for any Ramones fan, or music fan in general, there were letters, drawings, pictures and graffiti from all of our favourite bands.

IMG_0066 IMG_9960  IMG_9968 IMG_9958

Dae-mon ( By far the best restaurant we visited during our holiday. It was a contemporary Korean restaurant… which was just, SO COOL. From the low key exterior to their all black interior!

We walked sheepishly up to the door. As although it’s exterior is low key, you can tell it’s something special. I was wearing a short leather skirt, black polo neck and a vintage denim, with no make up, messy hair and my HUGE glasses and Jaz was wearing a beanie, his “Spider-Mandem” teeshirt and jeans, so we were, to some, SEVERELY underdressed. However, we were seated promptly, albeit at the back haha. We were served a “special” cocktail featuring the most amazing gin, and god knows what else (pictured above)… The food was also incredible.

What we ate;

We had a special – tuna sashimi with avocado to start, can’t find this listed on the menu.

I had, Jjadjang- Belly of Apple-fed Pork, fermented Bean-Sauce Edamame, Sugar Snap (pictured above)

Jaz had, Wang Gae –Whole King Crab Leg, Fin de Clair‘ Oysters, Cucumber, Samdjang (pictured above)


Blackfisk Tattoo  In our opinion the best tattoo parlour in Berlin. Amazing artists. Cool staff and just an awesome place to hang out.


The Dudes Factory An awesome clothing shop, we went simply to add to our hat collection but there is SO much you could buy if you have browsing time and unlimited funds.

IMG_0006 IMG_0002

Princess Cheesecake BECAUSE, Cheesecake. I also got Jaz to call me “Princess Cheesecake” for the remainder of the trip. The cheesecake pictured above is obviously a classic New York Cheesecake but.. oh my god. It tasted like, cheesecake.. ice cream, lemon and heavenly clouds.

SO! as well as eating loads, drinking more, and running around like children, we also did tourist stuff… Honest.


(Pictorial evidence featured above)

SO, that pretty sums up our Berlin trip.. for those of you who’ve lasted until this point… thank you. And a special thanks to N.W.A for providing me with a soundtrack to this blog and giving me a much needed kick up the arse.

Speak soon,

Kel x


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