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So, I just wanted to WRITE today! And I thought I’d do something like a parenting update or a life update but actually I just really wanted to share something that I am struggling with massively at the moment. Which is the online persona V real world persona thing. The envy that comes from viewing other people’s lives through pictures or just a snap shot of their day, and the society that we find ourselves in RIGHT now.

We are at the point where we are doubting people’s charitable contributions and questioning their motives, we are doing these things and filming ourselves for a virtual pat on the back. People are getting jobs due to their following, but do we ever stop to consider what they had to do to get those followers? How much of their self they had to sacrifice, how many of their morals they had to completely overlook. Yet those are the people who “influence us” those are the people that we are ASPIRING to be.

We are raising awareness about important issues and protesting but people are taking this to the extreme, invading homes and businesses, running their names through the mud based around hearsay and internet hype.

Everyone is struggling, probably harder than ever but at the same time everyone is required to prove online that they have their proverbial shit together! That they are part of the human swarm, are you watching Christmas films in your comfies!? Are you overindulging until you are practically uncomfortable? Are you having the BEST new year? Are you drunk enough? Is the club you are at #lit?! AND as SOON as January hits, you better be on those shakes! You better have those early morning gym shots in your story #SelfCare.

Here’s an idea, don’t fuck yourself up in the first place! Do what you want to do! Don’t follow all these people that are making you unhappy, making you feel UNWORTHY! And we ALL do it! We do, and if we don’t then why don’t we?! If someone says to you that they aren’t on social media jaws drop around the room.

I say that I don’t have time to read a book, or write a blog, or do ANYTHING that I want to do in my spare time yet I will sit for a solid hour scrolling my instagram feed, drinking a glass of wine way too quickly and eating a bag of crisps instead of a legitimate evening meal… and when I do finally cook you best believe there will be a picture on my instagram #foodporn.

I’m trying to be better, we are all trying to be better but it’s so hard when there is so much BLAH! surrounding us, so much nothing. None of it has value. Some days I struggle to speak to friends face to face and other days it’s overshare central. Why are we scared to look someone in the eye or pass the time of day? We genuinely are and it’s so sad. The thought that we are so close to loosing that human connection scares the hell out of me. The future scares the hell out of me. The people who are in control aren’t in control. They’re just pretending like the rest of us. They’re just accepting like the rest of us, they are just backing down like the rest of us. We are paddling so hard under the water and duck facing on the surface.

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