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Right, here we go again! Let’s begin at the beginning, SCENE SETTING. After my last blog, mentioning my “K” mug, I had loads of people talk to me about what mugs they use when blogging haha! So today I am drinking from an Andy Warhol inspired French Bulldog mug! *Pictures Available on request* 

So, yeah! I thought, 17:11 was maybe a little too early for wine, usually I wait until at least 17:58-59. So I’m drinking a tea, that I actually made really badly because I didn’t leave the bag in for long enough. I’m wearing a Star Wars, The Force Awakens jumper from Primark.. It’s massive and really, really comfy! I’m perched at the edge of my bench desk and I’m listening to the new Architects album.. Jaz and I have been waiting for this album for MONTHS and it is actually AMAZING. Just the right mix of heavy and slow songs, the perfect album for literally ANY activity.


OKAY, It’s now 18:21, as my brother came round and distracted me.. so now I have a glass of Sauvignon sat next to me as it’s now a socially acceptable wine time. RIGHT! So, the purpose of this blog is to discuss a subject that is pretty raw with the vast majority of disabled people at present. The film “Me Before You” and as I write about Films, TV and documentaries for Liability Magazine/Enhance The UK I am most definitely going to have to review this for them once the film has been released.. however consider this blog just a social commentary about the issues surrounding the film, the book and the idea itself. Obviously all of these views are my own and not those of any company that I may be associated with.

Where do I begin with this one? It’s literally such a difficult subject for me to even begin to fathom, let alone articulate. For those of you who don’t know (perhaps you’ve been living under a rock) Me Before You is a film, based on a novel written by Jojo Moyes. The “story” of this book/film surrounds a guy that finds himself physically disabled following an accident…

…GUYS sorry I’ve got to stop there literally I’ve just read the full plot for this, not having read the book as I’m not into tween “literature”. What.The… Okay so following his accident, “Will” tries to kill himself as he obviously has no future prospects as a disabled person *snore*, and his Mom (because no one else could possibly care about the well being of a disabled person) *double snore*, devises a plan to keep her son alive for a further Six months so that he can experience the wonders of life…*dear lord please stop*…Then in comes the fit, lower class caregiver, who has no qualifications and is obviously as hot as hell, highly intelligent but misunderstood and witty etc, etc.. *come on now* to help him discover the true meaning of life.

I’ve got a few questions at this point, 1. Who reads this drivel, 2. Who decided it was a good idea to make this into a film. 3. Why the hell did Emilia Clark (a.k.a The Queen of Dragons, The Unburnt, Khaleesi) not see this as career suicide *pun not intended..

Seriously guys, the trailer and the concept just scream “Fifty Shades of Grey now featuring Wheelchair” to me.

When I was a kid, starting secondary school (age 11) on my first day, as a little disabled fish in a big, big pond I was invited into the head teachers office, there I had to sit like a deer in headlights for circa 30 minutes as a fully able bodied student read to me a poem that she had written about a disabled boy who wanted to die and saw his life as pointless to make me feel welcome. (cheers school!)

As an adult-thing, I have to regularly talk to beauticians, hairdressers, boiler repairmen, waiters, old ladies on the street.. pretty much…everyone, about how long I’ve been disabled, how long have I used a wheelchair and what is wrong with me? Queue comments “Oh you’re SOOOO inspirational”  “You’re SO brave” “You do well don’t you!”  “You don’t let it stop you do you love!” guys, please.. please! PLEASE! stop.

The thing is, when people in TWO THOUSAND AND SIXTEEN are still writing/making this stuff how can we blame the general public for their lack of education surrounding disability.. A bleak picture has been painted, and every year they are adding layer upon layer of fresh grey paint!

My life is far from bleak, and I’m HAPPY believe it or not, most disabled people are. My advice for “Will” would be, get out there.. jump to the front of a few queues, enjoy the disabled parking spaces, and you’ll soon start seeing the perks of being disabled haha… no but seriously! My life is a great life, and my disability is just a small part of who I am. I’m actually PROUD of my disability and because of my disability I’ve had some amazing experiences and I’ve learnt some valuable life lessons. I think my disability makes me live life MORE, not less… I could just sit in my house, thinking about what I haven’t got (legs that function normally haha) and watch life pass by, but seriously what would be the point in that? We get ONE LIFE, and with all of the opportunities in the world why don’t we go out and grab them! What are we mean’t to do? Sit around, be depressed and then die?

Me before you is an easy, not particularly thought out concept. Look at films like Inside I’m dancing! That is a FILM! And (in my opinion) a relatively true portrayal of disability, I’d take Rory O’shea over “Will-miserable-arse” any day. Go out to clubs, get wasted, get a decent job, have sex, go travelling, do whatever, JUST. DONT. SETTLE.

Odd’s and stats say at some point in their lives a large amount of people will find themselves with a disability, or an impairment.. it’s part of life. These people shouldn’t be disheartened or depressed, you’ve got LIFE, the greatest gift and no matter how bleak the outlook we are all here to make the most of it! Don’t let awful “literature” dictate to you how you should feel about your own life. Be you. Make YOU awesome.

I’ll give you some full formed, less wine fuelled opinions following actually watching the film (yes I have to do that) but until then, can I leave you with this thought…. your world will end, your light will go out, don’t extinguish it yourself. Even if you only see the sunrise and set everyday, it’s superior to seeing absolutely nothing, with no alternative for an eternity… Or you could come back as a daddy long legs, that would suck.

Kel x





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