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How to kick ass in your industry… Sitting down!

Evening all,

Here’s to another belated blog post. The ironic thing about it, is that this particular blog is all about BUSINESS… the sole reason that I am not writing for you all 24/7! This unfortunately/fortunately is because I spend the majority of my time working.. glued to my phone and my laptop, so any “free” time I get at the moment consists of me crying in a corner rocking backwards and forwards or rapidly regressing into tween mode, engaging in hours of Sims 4 and bottomless bowls of froot loops.

Now, I realise that the title of this blog is extremely bold to say the least! So please bare with… Sometimes I get over excited.

I called this blog “How to kick ass in your industry… sitting down!”AND because it’d be quite impossible/boring for you all for me to talk you through my to do list, instead I thought it’d be much more appropriate for me to share a few “pearls of wisdom” from my extensive and random career so far!

So for those of you that don’t know, I am the owner of G5 Lifestyle management, a concierge and lifestyle management service for professional sport, entertainment and corporate clients in the UK. To put it simply I am a personal assistant for these clients, dealing with everything from booking their holidays, to cleaning their toilets (obviously not physically – I book people to do it!). Throughout my career as a VIP concierge, I’ve pretty much seen it all, definitely heard it all, and I’ve had some pretty surreal experiences (good and bad – but that blog is for another time).

As well as running G5 Lifestyle, as a part of G5 group we’ve just brought a majority stake in a local football club, so I physically consult there usually 3 days per week and I do everything from looking after the players to arranging events and tournaments. The work that comes through the club is versatile, challenging and really enjoyable, it is however really weird for me being present in an office again after so long of working by myself!  I can no longer get away with loud headphone singing or sitting in my fleecy sheep pyjamas and dirty fake ugg boots all day, but it has it’s perks… seriously some of the tea makers in our office could win awards!… and the office “banter” has slightly improved now that it’s not just me and a house plant!

Anyway, the point of this blog was to hopefully spread some love to all of you awesome people on the internet and talk about the good, and bad things that I have learnt/experienced throughout my career so far.

SO here’s my very general, very obvious… but hopefully helpful advice for all of you! Whether you are a super cool entrepreneur OR an awesome employed… person? Hopefully I can help with these handy bullet points haha!

1. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF – Okay so this is probably the most obvious, and general place to start.. BUT! It’s deeply important. I spent WAY too much of my career worrying! The Sports industry is often quite male dominated, and quite image based.. I always worried that I was TOO YOUNG, TOO FEMALE, TOO WEIRD LOOKING and TOO DISABLED to be taken seriously! After literally, years of trying to act older, tone my look down and avoiding in person meetings (yes I did this sometimes!) I realised that this was just ridiculous. I was PROUD of what I was doing, I was confident with my ability so what did anything else matter? I realised that if someone doubts you because of any of the above then.. 1. You probably don’t want to work with them, 2. It’s WAY more satisfying to prove someone wrong than it is to give up.

2. TAKE EVERY OPPORTUNITY THAT IS AVAILABLE TO YOU – This is an important one for me, and is also often my downfall. Experience and willing are hugely important traits in business .. and in life! I love nothing more than embarking on a completely alien project. Taking risks are important, they don’t always have to pay off but if you can say that you’ve done something that you are proud of and you’ve learnt a new skill then in my eyes it’s far more important than financial reward or a pat on the back from your colleagues.

3. EDUCATION ISN’T EVERYTHING – Please take this one with a pinch of salt. Of course schooling is HIGHLY important, but what I’m trying to say is that, it’s not always the right time for YOU. I was AWFUL at school, and I still get laughed at when I tell people I didn’t go to university and I didn’t really finish college (again a blog for another time!). However, following my terrible performance at school and my general disinterest in the educational system I felt ready to go back into learning once I’d embarked on my career and realised that I wanted to learn, I wanted to feed my brain and I wanted to feel “qualified”.

4. YOUR CONTACTS ARE VITAL – I wouldn’t have survived my career so far without AMAZING suppliers, clients and friends! Reciprocal business is key. When you get asked if you can undertake a task and you don’t think that you can do it, make the next thought your friends and colleagues. Does someone you know have the skill to help this person? Can you work together on this project? Treat your peers well, and they will look after you… and steer you away from the edge of  numerous mental breakdowns!

5. MAKE TIME FOR WHAT IS IMPORTANT TO YOU – There is nothing worse than realising too late that something that was important didn’t get the attention that it deserved. Sometimes I take five (usually when driving and listening to music) to reevaluate my priorities. What is important? What is life changing? What do I WANT to do? These are all good questions, and questions worth asking for your own mental health.

6. DON’T BE A BITCH – This one, was probably the hardest one for me! haha. From such a young age, I was used to being defiant, to standing up for myself and to having to prove myself and my capabilities… so when I was introduced to the “world of work” I was often stubborn, reluctant to listen to other peoples ideas and reluctant to trust people. This is a huge mistake and it’s actually really counterproductive. It’s fine that people have better ideas than you, it’s cool that people want to help out and work together and it’s great to have colleagues to use as a sounding board. HOWEVER, this is a working progress, catch me without a tea and feeling harassed and I’ll still have a good rant! Sorry.

OK haha, I think we’ve found a good one to end at! Like I say, I am not by any means an expert in any of the above fields, but I’ve struggled (and still struggle) with low confidence, anxiety and just a general lack of direction so if I can help or talk to anyone about ANY of the above then feel free to drop me a line! I LOVE talking to you all.

Speak soon,

Kel x

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