Welcome to MSKELGEE.CO.UK, firstly I should say thank you for visiting, secondly, I should point out that i’m not ACTUALLY as narcissistic as my self titled website makes me sound! This site was made for the sole purpose of pooling some of the amazing work that I have been doing as a consultant and within the media industry.

As a consultant I am so lucky to work with many AMAZING companies and charities, aiming to share my expertise as a disabled mom, partner, and business proprietor. My career started in the NHS and has gone on a LONG journey since then! I currently work within the football industry, the care industry and the sex industry as a sex and relationships advisor for a leading UK sex toy brand and I am always looking for amazing new projects to work on! I have worked with all major UK broadcasters and some huge corporations to create brilliant campaigns and interview around causes that I am extremely passionate about. I am a Mom of two young boys and absolutely LOVE sharing my experience as a disabled mom.

Should you need further information, or if you just want to say hi, please email me on  or catch me on social media @mskelgee